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Jordan Top Diplomat Discusses Caesar Act Exemptions in Washington

The Foreign minister of Jordan has called Washington for more exemptions from sanctions targeting Syria, to resolve the crisis there, according to al-Watan.
Jordan Top Diplomat Discusses Caesar Act Exemptions, in Washington
Jordan Top Diplomat Discusses Caesar Act Exemptions in Washington

From Jordan and Lebanon to Washington, the political mechanism is underway again. The gas and oil issue is currently being addressed, to ensure the flow of energy to Lebanon through Syria. Once the political work has been completed, it will be necessary to come up with political solutions that end the unilateral and unjust Caesar Act impositions on the Syrian people, while also bringing Iran to the discussion table concerning the suffering of Syrians, by hosting the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen. 

As Jordanian diplomatic sources explained to Al-Watan on Saturday, the visit to the United States of Ayman al-Safadi — Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign & Expatriates’ Affairs Minister —  has one aim of discussing U.S. initiatives in support of “early recovery” projects for Syria with Biden administration officials. These projects should try to ease the harsh living conditions suffered by the Syrian people as a result of U.S. sanctions. This development follows significant progress in Syrian-Jordanian relations against the backdrop of President Bashar al-Assad’s phone call with King of Jordan Abdullah II on September 3rd, 2021.   

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The same sources expect that the visit will achieve more progress in the Jordanian-Syrian relationship in terms of economic and political issues, with Amman aiming to receive new exemptions to the Caesar Act that relate to Jordan’s relationship with Damascus. 

“We must do our best to resolve the Syrian crisis, rather than doubling down on an approach that may not lead us to any conclusion,” Safadi said in an interview with CNN on his current visit to the United States. 

In addition, al-Watan learned from informed Lebanese sources that maintenance got underway on Saturday, inside Lebanon on the gas line that will convey gas from Syrian territory. This development came after the  U.S. Treasury Department pledged to launch the regional energy continuity project from Egypt, which will allow transmitting energy from Egypt across the region. The repair of electricity transmission lines running from Jordan inside Syrian territory was completed. All technical matters for the two lines should be completed by the end of February. Upon completion, Syria will retain a share of Jordanian electricity and Egyptian gas in exchange for allowing the energy to be transmitted through Syria.


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