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Jordan and Turkey Thwart New Drug Smuggling Attempts

The Syrian Interim Government reported the apprehension of two individuals in possession of 100,000 Captagon pills in Ras al-Ain.
Jordan and Turkey Thwart New Drug Smuggling Attempts

Jordan’s customs directorate announced on Monday the successful interception of a narcotics smuggling attempt at the Jaber border crossing with Syria.

According to Al-Sabeel newspaper, Brigadier General Saed Ali Ashour, the media spokesman for the Jordanian Customs Department, reported that personnel at the Jaber port confiscated 237,000 Captagon tablets concealed within two cargo vehicles. The first truck, purportedly carrying wooden folding epoxy tables, and the second, loaded with children’s beds, were discovered to harbour significant quantities of narcotic pills concealed within hidden compartments.

Senior Drug Trafficking Suspect Shaker al-Shuwayer Killed in Suweida

On February 19, Jordanian authorities repatriated the bodies of three drug smugglers to the Syrian side, following fatal clashes with Jordanian border guard forces. These incidents occurred within 24 hours of the establishment of a collaborative anti-narcotics liaison cell between the Syrian regime, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon in the capital, Amman.  

Smuggling of narcotic pills and hashish to Turkey thwarted 

The Ministry of Defense in the Syrian Interim Government reported the apprehension of two individuals in possession of 100,000 Captagon pills in Ras al-Ain, located in the northern countryside of Hasakeh and originating from territories controlled by the Syrian regime.

In a statement released by the ministry, it was disclosed that the operation aimed at smuggling drugs into Turkish territory. The military police forces in the Ras al-Ain area, administered by the Syrian Interim Government, successfully detained the individuals in possession of the aforementioned pills along with 50 grams of hashish.

The statement emphasized that the narcotics pills and hashish were sourced from areas under the control of the Assad regime and were intended for smuggling into Turkey. 

In a separate incident last January, three drug dealers were apprehended in Afrin, situated northwest of Aleppo, by military police, resulting in the seizure of 5,000 Captagon pills. 

The ministry disclosed insights into the sources of narcotics, smuggling methods, security efforts to combat drug-related activities, apprehension of offenders, types of drugs, medical advice for overcoming addiction, treatment methods, and prevention strategies.

It’s noteworthy that various entities benefit from the proliferation of drugs in northwestern Syria, including Iranian militias, Lebanese Hezbollah, the Syrian regime, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and factions within the national army.


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