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Joint Russian, Syrian Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Terrorists in Aleppo

Ground forces continue operations in various areas of Aleppo as fighter jets target ISIS and Nusra Front positions
Joint Russian, Syrian Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Terrorists in Aleppo

Hundreds of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists were killed in Russian airstrikes in the countryside of Aleppo, a military source confirmed on Thursday.

The source explained that the Russian Air Force, in cooperation with the Syria, conducted a series of “precision” airstrikes on several ISIS targets in Andan, Atareb, Deir Hafer, Mansoura and Bab.

According to the source, hundreds of terrorists were confirmed dead, and tens of armored vehicles, two Grad rocket launchers and a large ammunition depot were destroyed in the strikes.

Joint Russian and Syrian sorties also destroyed 27 Nusra Front targets in the province of Lattakia.

Nusra Front targets included fortified positions in Tertiah, Dourin, Mgheiriyeh and Salma, as well as Tao rocket launch pads near Sifsafeh, fortified shelters near Arafit, training camps near Mgheiriyeh, Tertiah, Sindian and Dweirkeh, and facilities and shelters in Ghabat.

Coinciding with the air strikes, the army units continued operations in various areas in Aleppo, with the armed forces defending the air force academy in the countryside.

A number of ISIS terrorists were also killed or injured, and several machine guns, an armored vehicle and a depot were destroyed during army operations last night in the villages of Huweijineh and Salehiyeh, in the eastern countryside of the province.

Terrorist organizations with ties to Nusra Front suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Syrian army units in the surroundings of the Scientific Research Center and in Mansoura village in the western countryside.

Scores of Nusra Front terrorists were killed during army operations in the Aleppo neighborhoods of Salah Eddin, Lairamoun, Bani Zaid, Karm al-Jabal, Zibdiyeh and Ashrafiyeh.

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