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Jihadists Explose Shabbiha Building in Jobar

At least twelve soldiers and Shabbiha members killed in the attack
Jihadists Explose Shabbiha Building in Jobar

The Ahl al-Athar Brigade, part of the Development Front in Jobar neighborhood, east of the capital Damascus, has announced it blew up a  building housing the regime army and paramilitary Shabbiha forces, in retaliation for Assad gangs killing and raping a woman in that building, according to Abu al-Khair al-Shami, the member in the Information Office of Jobar neighborhood.


Shami said that the operation took place after intentional violent clashes aimed at causing as much destruction as possible to the regime army reinforcements in the building, located on the new highway connecting the buildings of Jobar neighborhood to the buildings of Abbasid neighborhood, to the east of the capital.


The rebels dug a tunnel under the building and mined it with powerful explosives. The building is the sole headquarters for regime's forces in that region.


A military source from Jobar confirmed the killing of at least twelve soldiers and Shabbiha members in the attack.


Shami said that the regime forces opened on Wednesday a new front in the north side of the neighborhood of Jobar to deflect the Jihadists. Meanwhile, regime forces tried to recover control over the police department which was seized by the rebels on 20 March.


Regime ambulances were heard rushing to the scene to pull out the bodies of the dead and the wounded, following an attempt to recover the police station. The estimated number of regime losses of soldiers during the month of March in the neighborhood of Jobar exceeds fifty soldiers and Shabbiha members.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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