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Jarba Reveals Saudi Provided Sophisticated Weapons to Rebels

Jarba says opposition will not go to Geneva until military balance addressed
Jarba Reveals Saudi Provided Sophisticated Weapons to Rebels

The new leader of the 'Doha Coalition' Ahmad al-Jarba revealed in his first statement as president that Saudi Arabian authorities have provided what he called "opposition fighters" in Syria with sophisticated weapons.


Jarba, who is close to Saudi Arabia and who was appointed head of the 'Doha Coalition' on Saturday in Istanbul, told Reuters in an interview that he expected advanced weapons to reach the armed opposition groups from Saudi Arabia soon.


Jarba's statement reflected the so called 'opposition's' position rejecting dialogue to solve the crisis in Syria and amounts to a call for more terrorism against Syria. He said the opposition "won't take part in the Geneva conference proposed by the United States and Russia unless its military situation becomes strong."


"If there is a will to go to Geneva, the opposition military situation must be strong, but the situation on ground now is actually weak," he admitted.


"As head of the Coalition, my priority will be to support all kinds of arms supply to the Free Syrian Army," he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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