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Jaafari: Moscow II Achieved Unprecedented Breakthrough

Head of Syrian government delegation claims consultative meetings in the Russian capital were successful in spite of increasing geopolitical challenges
Jaafari: Moscow II Achieved Unprecedented Breakthrough

Syrian UN Ambassador and Head of the Syrian government’s delegation to the Moscow II meetings Bashar al-Jaafari said the conference achieved “an unprecedented breakthrough” by adopting a unified agreement between the government and opposition delegations.

“We were able to reach common denominators and outcomes concerning the first item on assessing the status quo in Syria of the five points presented by facilitator Vitaly Naumkin, and we haven’t been able to pass all agenda topics due to the time shortage, taking into consideration the presence of 36 opposition figures”, Jaafari told Syrian TV in an interview broadcast Monday night.

“We had a great commitment to have the Moscow meeting succeed because we know the volume of our people’s suffering and their aspiration to gain new things, particularly the geopolitical challenges surrounding us are getting bigger and snowballing”, Jaafari added.

Jaafari hailed the Russian efforts in setting a concordant agenda.

The Moscow meeting’s biggest achievement was bringing the Syrians together for dialogue, exchanging ideas and holding consultations among the representatives far from any interference, he affirmed.

Jaafari stressed that coordination between the Syrian and Russian governments is as friends, which differs to the stance taken by the US, France, and Saudi Arabians.

The ambassador noted the steps following the Moscow II meetings will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels, claiming another meeting will be held in Moscow, but without a set date.

“Whenever we reach common denominators about an item we resume the other concordant points until reaching a detailed road map”, Jaafari underlined.

Jaafari concluded by stating the political work leads to solutions, but these solutions should be deliberated and concordant, and should enhance the Syrian citizens’ confidence in the government and state.

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