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Israeli Raids Kill Regime and Hezbollah Forces in Qalamoun

Large numbers of regime forces and Hezbollah militants killed in Israeli raids on Qalamoun
Israeli Raids Kill Regime and Hezbollah Forces in Qalamoun

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) leader in Qalamoun, Abu Mohammed al-Bitar, said "two Israeli raids on Qalamoun targeted a Hezbollah convoy transporting rockets from Syrian regime locations in brigades 155 and 65. The raids led to the death of a large number of regime forces and Hezbollah militants".

In a statement to Okaz Saudi newspaper, Bitar added: "these two locations are dedicated to storing Scud missiles; one of them near the town of Qara and the second near the city of Yabroud. Both locations were completely destroyed".

"We have already announced that the Syrian regime and Hezbollah have transported the ballistic missiles and chemical weapons stockpile to some villages in the Qalamoun region in anticipation of any field development achieved by the opposition in Damascus", Bitar said.

Hezbollah’s media agencies have remained silent about the raids.

Israeli warplanes have launched air raids on several locations in Syria since the start of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad over four years ago. Western and Israeli officials claim the raids are in response to the transportation of weapons to Hezbollah.

Israeli forces targeted two areas in Dimas and near Damascus International Airport last January, while it is likely Israeli raids also targeted a number of regime military headquarters and weapons caches in the two regions.

A recent air strike targeting al-Amal in the southwest province of Quneitra killed six Hezbollah fighters, including leading figures, and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Assad regime has failed to respond to the Israeli violations, while government officials continue to claim a response will come at “the right time and place".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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