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Israeli Shelling Kills Several Hezbollah Militiamen in Syria

Media sources report that the Israeli strikes focused on an area southeast of Homs, encompassing Hezbollah's headquarters, according to Shaam Network.

The Hezbollah militant group expressed mourning for its members, whom it claimed were killed “on the road to Jerusalem.” This marks the first instance of the Lebanese Hezbollah mourning a group of its fighters in a single statement. Reports suggest that some of them lost their lives in Syria.

Hezbollah attributes the deaths to Israeli fire, refraining from specifying the location or date of the incidents. The death toll for the party now stands at 70 fighters since the escalation with Israel commenced in the wake of the conflict in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Three Pro-Iranian Fighters Killed in Israeli Raids on Damascus and Suweida

In a singular statement, Hezbollah identified seven fighters who “ascended as martyrs on the road to Jerusalem,” a phrase routinely used to lament members lost during exchanges with Israel since the escalation started in southern Lebanon.

Subsequent statements from the party claimed the targeting of several Israeli military sites. They reported carrying out an attack with three assault marches, one directed at an Israeli barracks. There are indications that Israel responded by bombing Hezbollah positions in Syria, resulting in casualties.

The most recent statement coincided with ongoing shelling in the south, contributing to a total of 90 deaths on the Lebanese side. This includes 70 Hezbollah fighters and approximately 11 civilians, among them a Reuters news agency photographer and a woman with her three granddaughters.

The Israeli occupation army, in response, declared strikes on Syria. Their statement on the X platform (formerly Twitter) mentioned hitting a school in Eilat in response to a march originating from Syria. The Israeli forces targeted the organization responsible for the attack, without specifying the name of the group.

Media sources report that the Israeli strikes focused on an area southeast of Homs, encompassing Hezbollah’s headquarters, military sites, and units belonging to Assad’s forces. Israeli shelling also impacted Hezbollah and Iranian militia sites near Damascus in the areas of Aqraba and Sayyida Zeinab.


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