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Israeli Raid Targets Apartments of IRGC Commanders

None of the IRGC generals were harmed or injured in the attack, according Sawt al-Asima, an opposition-affiliated website
Israeli Raid Targets Apartments of IRGC Commanders

Early Wednesday morning, Israel reportedly launched three precision rockets targeting a building in the central Kafarsouseh neighborhood, which served as a residence for IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) commanders, according to private sources cited by Sowt al-Asima.

The sources clarified that none of the Revolutionary Guards generals were harmed or injured in the attack, noting that the apartments in question had been vacated by the families of Iranian leaders before the end of 2023.

Detailing the strike, it was revealed that two apartments were the primary targets. One, situated on the fourth floor, had been occupied by an Iranian leader and their entourage in the preceding two days. The second apartment, located on the second floor, was designated for temporary accommodation of guards and guests.

Contrary to circulating reports suggesting the assassination of an Iranian general or the targeting of a militia leaders’ meeting linked to Tehran, Sowt al-Asima sources asserted that no foreign elements were present in the vicinity before the attack.

Tragically, the Israeli shelling resulted in the death of three Syrian civilians, with an unspecified number wounded, as confirmed by sources in the capital.

The Israeli attack followed reconnaissance activities conducted by Israeli surveillance and monitoring aircraft over the past 48 hours. These activities were concentrated in Damascus, its surrounding areas, central and southern Syria, as well as along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

In response to the incident, the Syrian regime’s Defense Ministry reported that at 9:40 a.m. on Wednesday, Israel launched a rocket attack targeting “residential buildings” in the Kafarsouseh neighborhood.

This targeting marks the second such incident within the capital Damascus since the onset of al-Aqsa Flood Operation. Previously, on January 21, Israel had targeted a building in the Mezze neighborhood of Villas, which was reportedly utilized by an Iranian intelligence cell.

During the earlier attack, Yusuf Omidwar, also known as Haji Sadiq, the unit’s commander, along with four of his escorts, responsible for gathering security and intelligence reports in Syria, including diplomatic relations and Bashar al-Assad’s movements, were reportedly killed. These reports were subsequently sent periodically to Iran’s National Security Council.

The targeted building’s proximity to the headquarters of the Qods Force’s Unit 840, as well as its closeness to the site of Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh’s assassination in 2008, underscores its strategic significance.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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