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Islamic Front's Conditions to Accept Political Solution

Groups confirm they will not interfere in the state after the regime’s downfall
Islamic Front's Conditions to Accept Political Solution

The Islamic Front, the Islamic Union of Sham Soldiers and the Jihadists Army have confirmed that they have not authorized any Syrian party to abandon the rights of Syrian people.


The three groups thanked Turkey, Qatar and other countries for supporting the revolution. The groups said that they will not accept any political solution before these conditions are met:

1: the immediate release of detainees, lifting the blockade of besieged areas, stopping the inhumane shelling and facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid to all regions inside Syria.

2: that the regime steps down and that those guilty of crimes are punished.

3: that all foreign sectarian militias who are supporting the regime in suppressing the Syrian people leave the country.

4: these three groups will not interfere in the form of the Syrian state after the fall of the regime, keeping the Islamic identity intact.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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