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Islamic Front, ISIS Clash in Aleppo Countryside

The incident reportedly took place at a checkpoint in Hazano
Islamic Front, ISIS Clash in Aleppo Countryside

An All4Syria correspondent in the Aleppo countryside has reported that a civilian and, two members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) were killed on Monday at a checkpoint in the town of Hazano, in  Idleb countryside, which is controlled by the Islamic Front.


The correspondent said that the ISIS members were Belgian and Tunisian, adding that a civilian and three others killed in the incident were different nationalities, including French.


The incident started after ISIS fighters took a citizen from Kafr Yahmoul, near the town of Hazano, prompting residents from the villager to pursue them. According to the correspondent, the ISIS car refused to stop at the Hazano checkpoint and as a result, the fighters manning the checkpoint opened fire.


ISIS reinforcements rushed to the scene and evacuated the bodies, also escorting the wounded to its headquarters in Dana.


A member of ISIS told All4Syria that "preliminary investigations suggest that the murder occurred by mistake, in a similar incident to that  which occurred a few days ago when one of ISIS members was mistakenly killed with his wife at the hands of the ninth brigade of the Free Syrian Army east of Atareb.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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