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Islamic Associations in Syria Condemn ISIS

The group accuse ISIS of human rights violations and other crimes
Islamic Associations in Syria Condemn ISIS

A Syrian Islamic Association Commission has called on the leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria (ISIS) to follow the “right path” and listen to faithful advisors.


The group accused ISIS of a host of human rights violations and other crimes, as well as being responsible for any actions other fighting factions take to defend their people and property.


The group asked the sheikhs close to ISIS to be true to their beliefs.


The association that signed the statement included the Association of Muslim Scholars, the Association of Syrian Scholars, the Association of Sham Scholars, the Syrian Islamic Assembly, the Shariah Board in the Province of Aleppo, the Association of Sham Preachers, the Association of Kurdish Scholars in Syria, the Association of Free Scholars in Syria and the General Commission of Islamic Scholars in Syria.


The group asked those who support Jihad in Syria to fear God and be careful about where their money is going, to ensure it does not facilitate the killing of Muslims.


The group praised those groups that had managed to control their responses to attacks from ISIS and are looking for ways to change the situation and reach an agreement. The group also asked individual and smaller brigades to unite with the bigger entities.


The statement said ISIS had committed “evils” in Syrian society, including extreme acts of punishment, repression and murder.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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