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ISIS to Open Shiite ‘Slave Market’ in Raqqa: Monitor

ISIS plans to open slave market in Raqqa to sell Shiite community members, says local monitoring group
ISIS to Open Shiite ‘Slave Market’ in Raqqa: Monitor

Human rights group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which documents violations in Raqqa province, said the Islamic State (ISIS) has plans to open a market for "slaves" within the eastern city. The group explained on Saturday, September 12, that the market would be allocated for slaves from the Shiite community.

Abu Ibrahim ar-Raqawi confirmed the news to Enab Baladi without providing any further details. Activists in Raqqa recently published pictures of the "Yazidi Female Captives" Center in the city, stressing that they are given to ISIS leaders and members as rewards and prizes.

ISIS controls most of Raqqa province, except for Tal Abyad on the Turkish border, and continues to fight daily battles against the Iraqi army and the Shiite militias which support it.

The radical Islamist group offered two foreign hostages, a Norwegian and a Chinese captive, for sale through the cover of its official magazine, Dabiq, on Wednesday September 9.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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