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ISIS Kidnaps 193 Kurds in Aleppo Countryside

The Coalition has described ISIS as an enemy of the Syrian people
ISIS Kidnaps 193 Kurds in Aleppo Countryside

The Syrian National Coalition condemned the brutal practices of ISIS as "criminal", in a statement issued Sunday.


In particular, the statement mentioned actions committed by ISIS on Saturday, when the organization kidnapped about 193 Kurds from the town of Qabbasin town in Aleppo Countryside and took them to an unknown destination. Other sources suggested that the number of abducted could be 200.


The Coalition's statement reiterated its call to the international community, especially the Friends of the Syrian people, to provide more military support for the Free Syrian Army to enable it to deter the extremist organization and protect civilians from its crimes and the crimes of Assad's regime.


The Coalition stressed again that ISIS is an enemy of the Syrian people, and an accomplice against the revolution demanding freedom, justice and dignity. The Coalition also stressed the need to provide support to the FSA to be able to protect the civilians and defend them against the violations of the organization, as well as the daily crimes committed by regime forces.


Human rights violations by ISIS have increased recently, and the organization has not spared any means to kill and eliminate civilians and rebels. Residents of the areas controlled by ISIS are fed up with its unbearable violations, imposing its own laws and pattern of life. Voices have been raised demanding the expulsion of the organization.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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