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ISIS Cedes Village to Rebels Near Turkish Border

Rebels take village from ISIS amid talks of a planned safe zone on the Turkish border
ISIS Cedes Village to Rebels Near Turkish Border

Syrian rebels have taken back lost ground from Islamic State (ISIS) forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo Thursday as clashes continue near the Turkish border, a rebel source said.

‫ Rebel groups seized the village of al-Kherba, taking advantage of Turkish support to craft an ISIS-free zone on the border.

The main target of the anti-ISIS offensive is to halt the group’s advances in the northern countryside, rebel commander Abu Omar told Zaman al-Wasl.

‫ According to Abu Omar, there is a public consensus in northern villages of Aleppo that ISIS should be cleansed from their land ahead of the planned 'safe zone'.

‫ ISIS has faced a number of setbacks in the last few weeks in the northeast of Syria as the US-led coalition inflicts significant losses on the group's ranks.

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