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Is There Anyone Left to Defend Syrians Today?

Syria's current representation consists of two parties: the regime's mafia, which is willing to destroy Syria and displace its entire people to remain in power, and a divided and ineffective opposition which has failed to achieve anything over the past five years
Is There Anyone Left to Defend Syrians Today?

Is there no Syrian party to defend the interests of Syrians and their right to a decent life? Either for those who die under the rubble of their homes – destroyed by the explosive barrels, or those killed daily by extremist groups on charges of apostasy or blasphemy, or those who refused to kill or to be killed, and fled to die drowning in the Mediterranean sea or suffocated in a smugglers car, or those who die of exhaustion walking the long road in search of a second chance in a country they believe will offer them an opportunity for life, facing oppression and humiliation on its borders after the European far-right has succeeded in terrifying their communities about Muslim outsiders, citing the atrocities of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda’s calls for hatred and murder to galvanize a popular anti-Islamic movement throughout the continent.

The disaster suffered by Syrians today is almost unprecedented in modern history: the killing and torture of people has continued, and the state has suffered almost complete destruction – including its ancient cultural heritage, which forms the part of the basis for the development of human civilization and knowledge.

Nearly five years have passed, during which around a quarter of million Syrians have been killed, the overwhelming majority of them at the hands of the tyrant's security and military mafia supported by medieval sectarian militias funded by Iran's mullah regime, and partly at the hands of extremist organizations created by the tyrant in an attempt to show he is not Syria’s only criminal and to guarantee his role in the political solution, thereby distancing himself from the only place he deserves: the International Criminal Court.

The current bilateral Syrian representation consists of: First, the regime's mafia, which is ready to destroy all of Syria and displace its entire people to remain in power and avoid prosecution or accountability, ready to sell Syria to anyone who can keep the mafia family in their palaces – whether Russia or Iran and its sectarian militias. Second, the opposition, which is ineffective and divided between:

1. The internal opposition, who rejects violence and sectarianism and foreign intervention, but not the violence of the regime which has led to the deaths of tens of thousands under torture and hundreds of thousands under the rubble of their homes and markets, destroyed by the missiles and barrels of the tyrant. This same opposition rejects sectarianism, without any reference to the tens of thousands of non-Syrian pro-regime sectarian fighters involved in the destruction of Syria and the killing of its people. This opposition also rejects any foreign intervention, except the intervention of the mullahs of Iran and the Russian army, dedicated to guaranteeing the survival of the regime in its ability to kill and destroy. This opposition has always formed a cover for the crimes committed by the regime and its allies.

2. The external opposition, represented by the National Coalition, which has failed to achieve anything over the past five years in order to defend the Syrian issue in the international forums or in international public opinion due to the political, media and relief fiasco of its plans. The members of this Coalition are preoccupied with infighting over personal gain and position, dedicating all their efforts to securing the continuation of the flow of money to maintain their luxurious lifestyle.

These two parties – the regime and the opposition – are responsible for the continuation of the Syrian tragedy.

Thus, there is no solution without creating a Syrian national alternative capable of convincing the vast majority of Syrians and the international community that it can transform Syria from a mafia state – controlled by a tyrannical and corrupt family – to a democratic, civil and free state that respects the rights of all its citizens regardless of their religious, national or political affiliation; a state capable of reducing the forces of extremism and uniting the Syrians to rid their country of this forever.

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