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Is It Possible to Correct the Path of the Revolution?

The correct path requires clear vision to tackle two sides of the monster: the regime and Al-Qaeda
Is It Possible to Correct the Path of the Revolution?

The first step in correcting the path of the revolution – if it is still possible – is to make a correct diagnosis of the situation and recognize the facts, no matter how painful they are.


Syrians now find themselves facing a regime whose brutality extends beyond every border and formal opposition institutions whose disregard exceeds all limits also. Meanwhile, the Syrian people are facing the worst holocaust ever suffered in the modern age, committed by both the tyrannical and criminal regime on one hand, and ISIS militias and Al-Qaeda's murderous and dark branches on the other.


All this comes amid the regional and international indifference and even satisfaction (I will not say incompetance) in keeping Syria an arena in which to settle accounts and try to weaken opponents at the expense of our blood and the future of our generations.


Thus, I see that the process to correct this path requires courage and boldness in ideas to give priority to the unity of Syrian lands and people and to protect Syrians from Assad's and ISIS' murder and torture. This should be the first objective of any movement or political institution.


The slogans of the national Syrian revolution should be revived and adopted through a reassessment of the existing opposition institutions which became isolated popularly, relying on the recognition and support of their state sponsors. We should try to change or establish new institutions that can do these tasks through effective and serious political activity, restore vitality to the popular movement and convey a clear message to all the friends and enemies and to the Syrian people. This activity should be based on the following:


1. To our friends: Syrians have finished the exploratory phase, and it is no longer possible to deceive them. We do not want to be part of a battle between external parties, and we will not accept the institutions that do not serve the interests of Syria and its people.


2. To our enemies; those enemies of the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people to get rid of tyranny and restore freedom: This regime cannot enslave the Syrian people and confiscate their freedom, and the Syrian powers would not be dedicated to achieving your interests. Your interests are in a free and neutral Syria and in Syrian people who can save the unity of their homeland and its self-determination. The friendship with other people should be based on the basis of mutual interests.


3. To the Syrian people: We cannot win and regain the free Syrian state for all Syrians without solidarity in refusing all that divides us. We should cut the two heads of the monster; the regime's mafia of corruption and tyranny, and the extremist and evil forces of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.This monster wants to eliminate us all, regardless of our religion, sect or ethnicity, and we cannot do this without the rejection of any political or military institution that doesn’t hold such principles and doesn’t have free will. What we want is a political institution with temporary missions, an institution that gains its legitimacy from its service to these principles, away from dependency and corruption.




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