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Iran Commemorates Anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Damascus and Lattakia

The Embassy of Iran in Damascus celebrated the 43rd  anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in Damascus and Lattakia, according to the Syria Times.
Iran Commemorates Anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Damascus and Lattakia
Iran Commemorates Anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Damascus and Lattakia

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus celebrated on Saturday the 43rd  anniversary of the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, at the Sheraton Damascus Hotel.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, congratulated the Iranian people and leadership on their glorious revolution, pointing out in his speech that the principles of this revolution are consistent with the principles of Syria and the values it believes in. He confirmed that Syria is one of the first countries to declare its support for that revolution and consider it a supporter of the countries of the region and not a threat to them.

Jaafari stressed that Syria and Iran are the cradles of well-established civilizations throughout history, and the relations between the two countries are deeply rooted. The events targeting the entire region since 2011 have proven the correctness of the historical reading of the founders of Syrian-Iranian relations.

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Jaafari pointed out that Syria considers Iran a strategic partner and appreciates its responsible role within the international community as a country that respects international law, pluralism, and the Charter of the United Nations and contributes to confronting imperialist powers and their practices. He stressed Syria’s readiness to continue joint work in order to deepen and strengthen cooperation and exchange in all fields.

In turn, the Iranian ambassador to Syria, Dr. Mahdi Sobhani, noted that the inevitable support for the resistance axis and the Palestinian cause and the deepening of cooperation with friendly countries, especially Syria, are among the priorities of Iran’s foreign policy. The political will in both countries is to deepen cooperation between them at all levels, he added.

Sobhani affirmed that his country supports Syria’s sovereignty and condemns the illegal foreign presence on its lands, stressing the necessity of returning every inch of these lands to Syrian sovereignty.

Sobhani expressed his country’s conviction that the Syrian people, despite all the pressures exerted on them, defeated their enemies in their struggle against terrorism, and that they would give lessons to the terrorists and their international supporters through their resistance.

In Lattakia, the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran held a celebration of the occasion, with the participation of political, scientific, religious, and literary figures.

In his speech, Ali Reza Fadavi, the cultural attaché at the embassy, stressed that the Islamic Revolution moved Iran to a new stage in which it completed many achievements in various fields. This placed Iran in the ranks of the advanced countries in the region and the world. Iran became a role model and an example for all free people and fighters against injustice and tyranny and supported just causes of vulnerable peoples.


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