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International, Regional Rejection to Rapprochement Between Amman and Damascus

Jordan said that it was mobilizing support for a "peace process" led by some Arab countries in Syria, according to al-Arab.
International, Regional Rejection to Rapprochement Between Amman and Damascus

Although the economic relations between Jordan and the Assad regime have been restored recently, the two sides have not moved closer at the political level due to international and regional considerations.

Ambiguity still dominates the future of relations between Jordan and the Syrian regime, which enjoy strong economic relations.

Regional and international political rejection is preventing their full normalization, although interests determine the normalization of relations.

Jordanian FM Stresses to Pedersen Need for Arab Role in Resolving the Syrian Crisis

The normalization meetings between Amman and Damascus last year did not come up with positive results that both sides aspired to get. Still, there have been talks recently about meetings between the two parties that will distinguish the next stage, especially in the economy sector.

Samih Al-Maaytah, the former Jordanian Minister of Information, told Al-Arab, “Political relations exist between Damascus and Amman, and there is a continuity of procedural and field issues… There is no need to expect a normalization of relations; Because it already exists, but the main problem for Jordan is that it does not want the status quo in Syria to linger nor does it believe it would.

“The general Syrian situation remaining in this static situation without moving forward is what Jordan does not want,” Al-Maaytah added. “Jordan seeks to have Syria internationally rehabilitated, and this matter is not easy. It entails Syrian dealing with international requirements.”

In clarifying the nature of those international requirements, Maaytah considered that “the world is asking for a set of things related to the political solution to the Syrian crisis, the regime’s relationship with the opposition, and the relationship with Iran, which may need Syrian and international responses so that there is a positive transformation of Syria’s Arab and international position.”

Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, had previously said that his country was mobilizing support for the “peace process” led by some Arab countries in Syria.


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