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Interior Minister to UN: Syria Determined to Cooperate

Syria will continue to assist the UN to facilitate its mission inside the country
Interior Minister to UN: Syria Determined to Cooperate

Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar affirmed on Wednesday that Syria is determined to combat terrorism and cooperate with the international community in this regard, referring to Syria’s efforts in fulfilling domestic national reconciliations.

Meeting with UN Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security Peter Drennan and an accompanying delegation, Shaar said the Syrian government cooperates with the UN and other international organizations to facilitate their mission inside the country, appreciating the efforts they exert, particularly in the field of humanitarian work.

“Syria, since the foundation of the UN, has been committed to the international resolutions and conventions, responding to the international initiatives to resolve the crisis in the country and to stop terrorism being practiced against the Syrian people,” minister Shaar added.

Drennan thanked the Syrian government for its support towards the UN in the delivery of humanitarian aid, as it synchronizes with other efforts to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria

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