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Interim Govt. Stripped of Cars After Failing to Pay Lease

SIG's recent financial concerns see government returning rental cars after failing to pay contract
Interim Govt. Stripped of Cars After Failing to Pay Lease

A source has revealed to Siraj Press that the Syrian Interim Government was forced to return the cars it had rented for ministers after the government’s failure to pay the monthly rent to the two Turkish companies.

The source confirmed that the cars numbered more than 30 – the rent of each between 2,300 and 2,800 TL per month. The interim government had signed a contract with the two companies and failed to pay, leading the two car companies to sue the interim government.

The interim government has recently been experiencing a financial crisis that has led to delays in the payment of staff salaries for the second month in a row, amid reports on the government’s intention to reduce the number of employees from 450 employees to 150, announcing employees are voluntarily working until the securing of financial support.

President of the National Coalition Khaled Khoja denied a decision to dissolve the interim government, stressing that the "cash" amounts obtained by the opposition is very limited, and there is a tendency among the countries of the Friends of Syria Group to support the interim government through projects funded by these countries.

The interim government informed its employees a few days ago that it is committed to pay the salaries of the staff on March 15, after failing to secure support from donor countries.

The National Coalition and the Assistance Coordination Unit are also suffering from similar financial concerns, although the media has directed its attention to the interim government’s crisis due to its partnerships inside Syria, such as civil defense, local councils, medical departments and other service institutions.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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