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In Syria, Coronavirus From Bad to Worse

Syria is entering a new and concerning stage of its fight against coronavirus, reports Sowt Al-Asima.
In Syria, Coronavirus From Bad to Worse

The Director of Readiness, Ambulance and Emergency Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Hasaba, said that infections with the coronavirus in the country are increasing, noting the seriousness of the current stage.

Yesterday, Sunday, he added that “the country is in a dangerous stage. When the pressure on hospitals and beds increases, and the number of patients increases, we are facing a real danger.”

He warned that in the event that the precautionary measures against the virus were not adhered to, we would “be in a very dangerous condition,” noting that there is recklessness on the part of everyone, including some medical personnel. 

He explained that the Health Ministry automatically adopted the emergency plan, in which it faced the problem of securing beds, according to what was reported by Sham FM radio.

Regarding the number of injuries and deaths that the Health Ministry announces daily, he explained that it includes “the patients in hospitals and health centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health.”

Hasaba said, “it is not possible to count all patients in homes and private clinics, and therefore, the numbers that are made public are proportional to the number of PCR tests that the ministry performs daily, and this number is not really indicative.”

Recently, the numbers announced by the Ministry of Health through its own daily official identifiers have nearly doubled, amid talks of a third mutation of the virus that reached Syria, which has received a limited amount of vaccines, which were used to vaccinate frontliners. 

Earlier this month, Hasaba confirmed that there are unrecorded cases, for “some patients, who are carriers of the virus, do not show any symptoms, but they transmit the disease.”


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