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Idleb: Rain Affects Thousands of Families

Heavy rain has affected 104 camps in Idleb, leading to extensive damage, according to al-Souria Net.
Idleb: Rain Affects Thousands of Families
Idleb: Rain Affects Thousands of Families

The number of camps affected by rain in the Idleb governorate has increased to 104. Many roads leading to these camps have been blocked. 

According to a preliminary report published on Monday by the Northern Response Coordinators team, the number of fully-damaged tents reached 194, while 316 tents were partially damaged. 

The report monitored extensive damage to roads exceeding 9 kilometers within and around the camps. 

The report also targeted the entry of rainwater into 2,145 tents causing various damages. 

Access to the affected camps, which are difficult to reach as a result of poor road conditions and blockage, is currently being worked on. 

The Response Coordinators pointed out that the number of families directly affected amounted to 1,842 while the number of families affected by the rain totaled 3,742 families. 

The report recorded that more than 472 families were internally displaced within the camps, as a result of direct damage to their tents or rainwater entering the tents. 

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The region has been hit by a very cold air trough for two days, accompanied by heavy rains. Expectations say that the condition will continue over the next two days. 

International humanitarian concerns and warnings increase each year, with the same tragic impact on the camps during heavy rainfall. 

However, these warnings fail to contain a crisis that has become imperative for displaced persons in the northern part of Syria, after nine years, in light of efforts by humanitarian organizations to reduce the extent of the damage. 

“A number of camps have issued distress calls to provide humanitarian response to tent residents since the early hours of the morning, coinciding with heavy rain,” al-Souria Net correspondent in Idleb said, on Sunday. 

“There has been no real response from humanitarian organizations to mitigate the humanitarian disaster in the camps for displaced persons,” the response coordinators said. 

“The Idleb governorate is witnessing an increase in its need for assistance, with no clear vision to alleviate the severity of the crisis, which is increasing day by day,” the team said.


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