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Hundreds of Families Homeless As Regime Levels Binnish

Large sections of the city devastated with up to 20 homes destroyed a day, claim activists
Hundreds of Families Homeless As Regime Levels Binnish

Regime warplanes and helicopters have shelled residential neighborhoods in city of Binnish in the northern countryside of Idleb. The shelling coincides with a military campaign launched by the Army of Fatah against sectarian militias in the nearby towns of Kefraya and Fua.

According to Omar Haji Qaddour, a member of the city’s Coordination Committee, regime warplanes continue to raid the city at least 10 times a day, in addition to the artillery bombardment by the militia located in Fua. Qaddour added that most of the city's residents have fled to neighboring villages, while about 500 families have remained behind without shelter or relief.

The activist claimed large sections of the city have been destroyed, while up to 20 homes are damaged a day.

The Coordination Committee in Binnish sent distress calls to all major relief organizations, stressing the need to intensify support to those affected and provide tents for displaced families.

Since the beginning of the revolution, Binnish has suffered from kidnappings, detention and almost daily shelling from nearby pro-regime villagers, namely in Kefraya and Fua, leading to dozens of deaths and injuries among civilians.

The Army of Fatah has been attempting to storm the two villages for the past two days.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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