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How Was Mekdad’s Visit to Tehran Perceived?

Mekdad's visit to Tehran primarily focused on political and economic matters, Athr Press writes.
How Was Mekdad’s Visit to Tehran Perceived?

Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad’s recent visit to Tehran, the Iranian capital, coincided with significant political and field developments in the Syrian arena. These developments included the activation of the Syrian-Turkish rapprochement track, the Arab rapprochement with Syria, escalating Russian-American air tensions in Syrian airspace, and the continued Israeli entity’s raids on Syrian sites.

The Hebrew newspaper Jerusalem Post highlighted Amir Abdollahian’s condemnation of the Israeli raids on Syria and their implications. Abdollahian hinted that these alleged incidents would not go unanswered, stressing that the region would not remain indifferent to Israel’s actions. The importance of Iran’s statements on Syria and the broader region was emphasized, as they indicated Iran’s efforts to increase its role in Iraq and its desire to discuss the role of the United States, Russia, and Turkey in Syria.

What is Mekdad Doing in Tehran?

Similarly, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar underscored the Syrian and Iranian emphasis on the necessity of the U.S. forces’ withdrawal from Syria. Both sides were keen to address all aspects of the Syrian crisis in relation to this issue. Concurrently, amidst escalating Russian-American frictions in Syria at the highest political levels, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad made new statements rejecting the American presence and issued veiled threats. During his visit to Tehran, he referred multiple times to the obstructive role Washington played in preventing progress on various issues, including the refugee crisis and Arab countries’ willingness to establish relations with Damascus, which was met with continuous pressure from the United States.

Following the announcement of Mekdad’s visit, the American newspaper Foreign Policy published an analytical article highlighting that recent developments in the Middle East, including Arab rapprochement with Syria and Saudi-Iranian rapprochement, have significantly reduced American influence in Syria. The article observed that the roles of Russia and Iran in Syria have been strengthened, while the effectiveness of the US-led coalition in the region has diminished. It emphasized that the warnings against re-engaging with Damascus were disregarded, and the consequences are now evident.

Mekdad’s visit to Tehran primarily focused on political and economic matters, serving as a continuation of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit in March, during which 15 memorandums of cooperation were signed between the two countries. These memorandums covered areas such as a comprehensive long-term cooperation plan, agriculture, oil, free zones, and communications, among others.


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