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Historic Agreement Between Latakia Notables and Alawite Leadership

Haidariya leaders say they will market an Alawite candidate among their community and their Russians and Iranian allies to challenge Assad
Historic Agreement Between Latakia Notables and Alawite Leadership

Three years after the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, after hundreds of thousands were martyred and wounded, the displacement of millions of our people and the destruction of our cities and villages, after turning the revolution and the Syrian state to a game in the hands of the groups of thieves, opportunists and murderers associated with other countries, after the transformation of our country to an arena for struggle among the international players, after all these tragedies, the wise men of our country had to move to find solutions for what we are suffering, especially after the intensification of the battles in the coastal region that threatens to destroy what remained of the Syrian state.


While Assad sent his delegation, headed by Abdel Fattah Haji Bakri, to the Mount of the Kurds, a group of Sunni notables from the city of Latakia met leaders from al-Haidariya tribe, Alawites of the coastal region. Both parties reached an historic agreement to save the blood of Syrians, and to pave the way for building the country and fortify it against any external interventions and they have agreed on the following points:


1. The exclusion of the subject of sectarianism from the mass media and political discourse. Both parties agreed that Assad is responsible for the escalation of sectarianism for cheap reasons related to his survival in power. Thus, and in order to uncover the truth, they agreed on a consensus candidate to take over the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic for a transitional period of five years. The candidate is a descendant of one of the oldest Alawite families and a former army officer known for his severe opposition to Assad family and his love and loyalty to his country and his community. The candidate,Ghassan Annan, is a man of state and institutions. The notables of al-Haidariya will work on marketing the candidate among their community and their Russians and Iranian allies. Assad and his family will be given a month to hand over power, and in case Assad refused the offer, the clan will announce its split from the Assad clan and will join the revolution, opening their villages without war for the rebels to liberate Qardaha. The clan will participate in liberating Qardaha and will pave the way for a national conference for the Syrian scholars and intellectuals to draw the outlines for the future of Syria and its constitution.


2 . The release of all the detainees and hostages.


3 . The withdrawal of the army from the cities and ending the state of general alarm and beginning the demobilization of recruits.


4 . The reintegration of all the civilian and military defectors to the state, except those who defected from intelligence missions. Anybody who carries arms and does not have work will be recruited in the army if he wants.


5 . The arms will be only in the hands of the state and all the unofficial militias will be disarmed and all of the contaminated hands with the blood of the Syrians and their money will be punished.


6 . The immediate return of the displaced to their towns and villages, and the state will work internally and externally to secure the ways of re- construction and compensation for their lives and areas.


7 . The integration of security services and restructuring them on modern, sophisticated and scientific basis.


8 . Solve the problem of terrorism and work to return those who were recruited by the  Arab and International intelligence agencies to their countries to live a decent life.


9 . Open the files regarding theft of public money by the state and the revolution and oblige all thieves to return the stolen money to the Syrian people.


10. Every citizen, dead of missing, is considered a martyr and the state will pay a monthly salary to his family, will pay for the education of his children and take care of his family. All the handicapped victims will get the opportunity to work and will have privileges.


We want to tell Assad's family that your days are numbered and there is a big difference between our delegations and your delegations, as your delegations are forced to go and we penetrate them, while our delegations go willingly and no one penetrates them. Your delegations do not have anything to offer.


Long live Syria, free and proud.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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