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Health Minister Meets Swedish Delegation

The minister outlined damage to health infrastructure caused by terrorism
Health Minister Meets Swedish Delegation

The Minister of Health, Nizar Yazigi, met with a delegation from the 'Defending Syria Commission in Sweden', headed by George Makdisi, to discuss the damage to the health sector as a result of the systematic targeting of health infrastructure and workers in this sector by the armed terrorist groups.


The Minister of Health stressed that the sector had been damaged as a result of the terrorist acts carried out by terrorist groups backed and financed by well-known regional and international parties. He said the damage included human resources in the sector and its infrastructure, such as ambulances, public hospitals, private health centers and factories. These systematic terrorist actions he said, were accompanied by the American-European sanctions, which complicated the situation even more.


Despite this, the minister added, health employees continue to provide medical services, particularly emergency care, to save the lives of the wounded and the sick.


The Ministry of Health has made unprecedented efforts to deliver primary and secondary health care to children, women and the elderly through fixed and mobile health institutions. In addition, he said, the ministry has made its utmost efforts to increase the pace of delivery of medical aid of vaccines and medicines to all affected areas, including areas which have become known as "hot areas".


The head of the delegation, Makdisi, said the campaign of incitement and distortion of facts which targets Syria "increased our determination to continue to defend Syria abroad and publish the true picture of what is happening there".


The delegation included doctors, activists, politicians, businessmen, journalists and other supporters of the Syrian people.


The activists in the Commission, Juve Sandmark and Gregory Ahlberg, explained that the delegation had come to offer support and solidarity with Syria in order to stop the aggression and face the terrorist organizations, which includes terrorists from all around the world.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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