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Hassakeh Protests Denounce U.S., SDF Crimes Against Education

Protests were held in Hassakeh against the "systematic targeting of education" by the SDF and the U.S., according to SANA.
Hassakeh U.S. SDF Education Protests
Hassakeh Protests Denounce U.S., SDF Crimes Against Education

The educational cadres in al-Furat University branch, the Directorate of Education, the Teachers Syndicate, and the committee of the Syrian Communist Party in the al-Jazeera region staged a protest at the President Square in Hassakeh city in denunciation of U.S. and QSD (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, editor’s note) militia crimes targeting the education sector in the province.

Hundreds of students, teachers, university professors, and partisan and civil bodies participated in the protest which was held under the motto “Hands off our colleges, institutes, and schools”. The participants raised banners denouncing the U.S. crimes and destruction of the university buildings and infrastructure, and QSD militia’s measures which aim at depriving thousands of students of education according to the official curricula of the Ministry of Education.

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the participants expressed their denunciation against the U.S. occupation systematic attacks against the educational process in the Hassakeh Province through targeting primary, preparatory, and secondary education, according to the Director of al-Furat University branch in Hassakeh, Dr. Jamal Abdullah.

Dr. Abdullah added that they are continuing their destruction of university education and its infrastructure, calling for unifying the stances to convey a message to the whole world that the U.S. occupier is a war criminal and it must be defeated out of our land immediately.


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