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Halki to PLO: Palestinians Remain our Brothers

Prime minister says Palestinian cause top of Damascus' pan-Arab interests
Halki to PLO: Palestinians Remain our Brothers

The Palestinian cause will remain at the top of Syria’s pan-Arab interests, Prime Minister Wael al-Halki said on Saturday.

Speaking with the Director of the Political Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ambassador Anwar Abdul-Hadi, Halki stressed that Syria is now, as it has always been, more committed to its national and pan-Arab position, undeterred by the US-Zionist and Western plots targeting it.

Halki assured Abdul-Hadi that Palestinian refugees in Syria, who have been targeted by terrorists in Syria’s four-year war, remain “brothers” to the Syrian citizens and will continue to be treated equally.

Terrorist organizations operating inside Syria have not spared the camps and neighborhoods where Palestinian refugees reside, as recent events in the Damascus Yarmouk refugee camp suggest.

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