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Haidar: National Reconciliations Essential to Combat Terrorism

Minister for national reconciliation affairs insists Syrians will defeat terrorism through own efforts
Haidar: National Reconciliations Essential to Combat Terrorism

Minister of State for national reconciliation affairs, Ali Haidar, said Monday that after four years of crisis, Syria is in need for its sons to heal its wounds, adding that national reconciliations are the basic pillar to combat terrorism and enhance national dialogue.


The minister participated in an annual meeting for members of the central committee and sub-committees of popular reconciliations, who underlined the importance of coordination and cooperation among reconciliation committees and those concerned in the settlement processes – which assist those who were misled to return to society by providing them with work and education.


The meeting was held under the title “popular reconciliations boost counter-terrorism and national dialogue,” where participants called for finding a state of understanding while building bridges of confidence between the committees’ members and competent authorities.


The minister called on members of the committees to be aware of those who wish to make the popular reconciliations a failure, affirming that “the Syrians will defeat terrorism through their own efforts.”


“There are three principles of the Syrian policy; combating terrorism, national reconciliations and national dialogue,” Haidar told SANA in a statement, indicating that the state’s institutions are not alone in their reconciliation efforts, but all civil societies, educational, religious and culture references.

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