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Hadi al-Bahra: Geneva Negotiations are Dead

Chief opposition negotiator criticizes statement by former U.S. ambassador Ford blaming the opposition
Hadi al-Bahra: Geneva Negotiations are Dead

The Syrian chief negotiator at Geneva II, Hadi al-Bahra, said that peace negotiations about Syria have "died", in an interview published by the American online newspaper, The Daily Best.


"There will be no more peace talks without changing the regime's tone in a comprehensive manner," Bahra said.


Bahra added that it is unlikely a new round of talks will be held at a time in which the regime does not want to discuss seriously what is stated in the Geneva agenda.


Bahra criticized the statement of the former U.S. ambassador in Syria Robert Ford, in which he accused the opposition of being responsible for the survival of Assad in power, mentioning the fragmentation of Syrian opposition, the personal ambitions of its figures and the competition between them, and their inability to get to the minorities in Syria.


Bahra said that Ford is looking for others to blame for the failure of the international community in the implementation of its commitments to achieve its goals in removing Assad from power.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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