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Government Honors Army "Martyrs'" Families

Activists believe honouring the families is a morale boosting exercise
Government Honors Army "Martyrs'" Families

Two pro-government associations have honored the families of army personnel and pro-government militia killed during the Syrian revolution.


The Izdehar Association, affiliated with the pro-Assad Syrian expatriates in France, along with Syria's Youth Fingerprint organization, "honored 40 families of the Syrian army's martyrs and four injured soldiers at the Arab Cultural Center in Jableh city," according to the state news agency, SANA.


An opposition activist told The Syrian Observer that the Assad regime is trying to increase morale amongst loyalists after the massive losses of life over the past few weeks in central Homs.


The activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the regime is discriminating in the way they honor the loss of life in the conflict.


“It honors only its allies and forget about the 100,000 civilians who have been killed under its bombardments,” he said. 




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