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Government Discusses Excluding New Categories from Subsidy System

Prime Minister Hussein Arnous chaired a meeting on the reorientation of subsidies, according to al-Watan.
Government Discusses Excluding New Categories from Subsidy System

During its meeting on Saturday, the government team charged with implementing the integrated electronic management system for government support operations discussed the implementation of decisions related to reorienting subsidies. Prime Minister Hussein Arnous chaired the meeting.

Arnous stressed the importance of continuously developing the support restructuring system in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Technology and the concerned authorities. The required action should include auditing data and statistics before entering the system. Arnous noted the efforts put in and the speed with which objections are being addressed in order to ensure that subsidies efficiently reach those in need.

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During the meeting, the attendees reviewed the work done during the past period. This included the development of an interface on the citizen’s platform to restore individuals to the system whose allocation of subsidies had stopped due to them being outside the country, allowing restoration of family fuel card subsidies with the need to revisit the Department of Immigration and Passports. The relevant work also linked the subsidy platform with related platforms, namely the Civil Registry, fuel, and the Ministry of Transport. This integration will allow in the future for the instantaneous synchronization between the integrated national platform for government support operations and associated platforms, in addition to the development of a mechanism to update data of disqualified vehicles.

Minister of Communications and Technology Iyad al-Khatib also presented the number of objections submitted through the system since its launch; the distribution of ration cards and fuel cards excluded from subsidies to date; and the results of these files being processed after the authorities had scrutinized formal objections.


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