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Gold Prices Stable in Damascus Despite Global Decline

Syrian gold prices remain stable amid drop in global markets
Gold Prices Stable in Damascus Despite Global Decline

The Damascus Goldsmiths Association managed to stabilize gold prices for the fourth consecutive day, despite a global decline to its lowest level in 11 weeks.

The value of gold dropped at a rate of 1.2 percent yesterday evening, but remained stable in Damascus because of a slight rise in the US dollar exchange rate on Thursday.
 According to the association, the price of a 21 carat gram of gold remained at 9,500 Syrian pounds (SYP), while the price of an 18 carat gram of gold stabilized at SYP 8,143.

Furthermore, a number of international and Arab currencies recorded new exchange rates against the Syrian pound, as the Egyptian pound recorded 37 pounds buy and 39 pounds sale, the Tunisian dinar 142 pounds buy and 144 pounds sale, the Libyan dinar recorded 134 pounds buy and 136 pounds sale, while the Turkish lira recorded 109 pounds buy and 111 pounds sale.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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