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German Intelligence Warns Youths Fighting in Syria

Media report says German intelligence warn youths are becoming radicalized along the way to fighting in Syria
German Intelligence Warns Youths Fighting in Syria

Germany's state security agency has warned a growing number of young Germans are traveling to Syria to fight with the opposition, potentially becoming radicalized along the way, the German Deutsche Welle website has reported.


The report said the security agency has recorded 120 people from Germany who have traveled to Syria and "are suspected of supporting Islamist groups."


“This number has risen dramatically in recent months," the website said, noting that the Schleswig-Holstein State Interior Minister Andreas Breitner had expressed concern about "the risk such individuals should become further radicalized and return with a greater propensity for violence."


It said Breitner noted that many of them have also received training in "terror camps".


A report by North German Radio (NDR) revealed that the fighters include "men who have traveled thousands of kilometers from Hamburg to Syria in order to support rebel groups fighting against Assad."


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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