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Gaziantep Workshop to Support Besieged Areas

ideas focus on power and food security
Gaziantep Workshop to Support Besieged Areas

The Syrian National Coalition has asked members and all the concerned parties in the opposition Interim Government, the local councils, the workers in relief organizations in the besieged areas, along with anyone who has ideas and projects related to the following topics to submit proposals to the workshop launched 18 August in Gaziantep on the Syrian-Turkish border. The workshop was suggested by the Political Commission of the Coalition and it focuses on the following topics:


1. Alternative power, such as the solar power or any other power source, for lighting, communication and groundwater extraction.


2. Agriculture, livestock and food security. The focus is on delivering seeds instead of food baskets, on choosing the safest and most available plants for farmers, and working to expand the use of rabbit meat in our nutritional culture.


3. Food industry which might be developed in small workshops to provide the needs of the besieged citizens, especially children. The example here is extracting milk from soya beans and producing cheese and yoghurt from it.


Members in the Coalition, the Interim Government and the local councils attended the workshop, in addition to representatives of movements inside Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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