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Funding Issues Leave Lattakia Refugee Camps Without Water

Refugee camps in the costal province of Lattakia have just days to find alternatives for water or risk having no water at all reports Zaman Al Wasl.
Funding Issues Leave Lattakia Refugee Camps Without Water

Funding for water supplies in the Syrian refugee camps in Lattakia province will be suspended by the beginning of November. A decision that will cause catastrophic suffering for the 40,000 displaced people near the Turkish border, camps principals said.

Abdul Jabbar Khalil, director of one of the camps in the village of Khirbat al-Jawz, said the ACTED organization's failure to secure funding is what may halt water supplies for refugee camps.

The surprise decision by the Turkish O.F.D.A organization to halt funding for water supplies will compound refugee’s hardships.

Khalil pointed out that, potable water might be completely halted, as will the work to get water supplies from regime-held areas. Camp managers have no alternative, and there are only three days remaining to find a solution, he added.

Camp managers have appealed to all concerned humanitarian organizations to provide funds to cover the price of fuel for vehicles, tanks, the maintenance of machinery and workers' wages, water prices, as well as the expenses for the well pumps and all other works related to cleaning and drainage water.

Refugee camps in the coastal region include more than 50,000 people who fled from the Lattakia countryside.    


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