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Free Army Leader Assassinated In Lattakia

Family confirms Khaled Haj Bakri's assassination Monday evening at his home in Mount al-Akrad
Free Army Leader Assassinated In Lattakia

Unidentified gunmen have assassinated the leader of Ahfad Salah ad-Din Battalion in Mount al-Akrad, northern countryside of Lattakia, last night.


The cousin of the deceased confirmed to Siraj Press that, Khaled Haj Bakri (Abu Sami), was assassinated Monday evening at his home in Mount al-Akrad, claiming secret regime cells operating in Mount al-Akrad were responsible for assassinating the rebel leader.


Haji Bakri participated in the 2011 demonstrations in the city of Lattakia, joining the armed opposition since the start of the military resistance. Bakri participated in dozens of operations against regime forces in Jisr ash-Shughur and Kasab.


Regime agents have assassinated many of the prominent Free Army commanders in Mount al-Akrad such as Abu Basir, Abu Firas and Abu Rabii. Haji Bakri was one of the first rebels in Mount al-Akrad, remaining stationed with his battalion on the axis of Nabi Younis summit, facing regime forces.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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