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France Complicit in ISIS and Nusra Atrocities: Syrian Official

Government official claims French Foreign Ministry continues to ignore the rights of the Syrian government to combat terrorism and defend its people
France Complicit in ISIS and Nusra Atrocities: Syrian Official

An official Foreign Ministry source claims the French government stresses its alliance with terrorist organizations in Syria and its partnership in shedding Syrian blood through their policies of distorting facts. The French government attempts to conceal the organizations’ crimes, which destroy civilian property and terrorize people, like the recent atrocities in Aleppo and the attack on Idleb city by the Nusra Front, considered ‘moderate opposition’ by the French.

Commenting on a statement by the French Foreign Ministry, the source added that the French Foreign Ministry ignores UN Security Council resolutions that consider ISIS and the Nusra Front terrorist organizations by defending areas controlled by these groups.

“The French Foreign Ministry ignores the rights of the legitimate government in Syria to combat terrorism and defend its people”, the source added.

The anonymous source claims it has become obvious to all involved that such terrorism is the cause of the humanitarian suffering in the Yarmouk refugee camp, where the Syrian government is assuming its responsibilities to provide help to residents, whether they be Syrians or Palestinians.

Earlier this month, ISIS and Nusra attacked Yarmouk, home to Palestinian refugees and Syrian citizens, looting houses and killing civilians.

The most recent atrocity in Yarmouk involved terrorists decapitating five people and shooting dead two young men before residents’ eyes.

The source added that France is historically accountable for the Nakba exodus of the Palestinian people through its defining role in the founding of Israel by providing various means of support, particularly the of supply of materials for nuclear weapons.

“The policies of the French government is an outcome of the deeply-rooted colonialist mentality, which takes mottos of democracy and humanitarian rights as a mask to cover its cheap objectives at the expense of nations’ sufferings, thus it has lost its credibility”, the source concluded.

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