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Foreign Ministry: UNCHR Statement Falsifies Realities of Idleb

A new statement by the UNCHR on the recent events in Idleb are a concoction of mistruths, according to the Syrian Foreign Ministry
Foreign Ministry: UNCHR Statement Falsifies Realities of Idleb

Syria’s Foreign Ministry has sent a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNCHR) regarding recent events in Idleb, revealing the volume of inaccuracies included in the Commissioner’s press statement. The letter also reveals the UNCHR’s attempts at falsifying realities and misleading international public opinion about the Syrian situation.

“The content of the UNCHR issued on March 31 on the dangerous events in Idleb has included a lot of fallacies and attempts of forging realities and misleading the international public opinion about what is going on in Syria,” the ministry said in the letter.

It added that several days ago, thousands of terrorists from the Nusra Front attacked the two cities of Bosra al-Sham and Idleb after shelling them with hundreds of rocket shells over many days. The report claims Nusra moved from the south through Jordan into Bosra al-Sham, while entering from the north through Turkey into Idleb, storming safe neighborhoods and perpetrating the ugliest crimes against civilians, forcing them to flee to regions under the Syrian state’s control.

“Initial reports claim the attack on Idleb led to the displacement of nearly 30,000 people – 10,000 of whom were children – in addition to the demolition of Idleb hospital by armed terrorist organizations,” the letter affirmed.

“It is also regrettable the UNCHR claims Syrian government warplanes bombarded the Red Crescent Hospital in Idleb, while a testimony from the hospital claims 'armed anti-government groups' are to blame”, the ministry said.

It added that the shelling of the city by armed terrorist organizations and the chaos they created has led to the displacement of thousands of civilians into safe areas under the control of the Syrian state.

“The army of the Syrian Arab Republic fights terrorism on behalf of the Syrian people and the peoples of the world in defense of the values of justice and freedom,” the letter said.

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