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Foreign Ministry: U.S. Exclusion of Occupation Areas from Coercive Measures Cheap Deception

The Syrian foreign ministry criticized the "U.S. occupation" plan to exclude areas in northern Syria from sanctions, according to SANA.
Foreign Ministry: U.S. Exclusion of Occupation Areas fromCoercive Measures Cheap Deception
Foreign Ministry: U.S. Exclusion of Occupation Areas from Coercive Measures Cheap Deception

The hypocrisy of the U.S. administration, which is involved in the aggression against Syria, by excluding the areas it occupies in the Syrian al-Jazeera from coercive measures, is just a cheap deception of international legitimacy and the values advocated by the UN in all its resolutions related to Syria, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed.

The Ministry added that Washington’s imposition of the existence of foundling groups and considering them as having authority in the areas it occupies, and the legislation of theft of agricultural crops, oil, gas, and other Syrian wealth is a perpetuation of behavior that can thwart the political process to resolve the crisis in Syria.

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It added that the best way to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people and mitigate the repercussions of the crisis stirred up by Washington and others, is only through respect for international legitimacy and UN resolutions, foremost of which is the respect for Syria’s sovereignty and the lifting of unjust coercive measures.

The Ministry noted that the American and Western empire of lies no longer deceives anyone, as its illusory projects for freedom, democracy, and human rights have been proven false and invalid in more than one place, and here are its criminal activities in its biological warfare laboratories that testify that an empire in which lies and double standards are combined is a direct threat to international peace and security.


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