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Foreign Ministry: Syria Condemns and Rejects Turkish Aggression, Affirms Determination to Confront It

Syria has lashed out at Turkey and condemned its plans and action in northwestern Syria and reaffirmed it commitment to end their occupation reports SANA.
Foreign Ministry: Syria Condemns and Rejects Turkish Aggression, Affirms Determination to Confront It

A Foreign and Expatriates Ministry official source affirmed that the Syrian Arab Republic expresses its strong condemnation and categorical rejection of the brutal Turkish aggression against Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They stated that Turkey’s actions crown the hostile behavior of Erdogan’s regime and its unlimited support to the terrorist organizations that have shed the blood of the Syrians and left destruction and sabotage behind them, as they implement his agendas and the expansionist ambitions and illusions of Erdogan’s ill imagination of reviving the defunct empire. They added that Erdogan is seeking an escape from the internal crises which have resulted from Erdogan’s wrong internal and foreign policies.

The source added that this aggression shows again that Erdogan’s regime lacks the minimum credibility through its violation of the Astana process and Sochi understandings, and its determination to remain in a one trench with the terrorist organizations. Turkey proves what Syria has consistently asserted, that Erdogan’s regime is ineligible to be one of the guarantors of Astana process.

The source said that the Syrian Arab Republic, which has combated terrorist organizations and is still doing and have inflicted humiliating defeats on them, affirms its intention and determination to confront the outrageous Turkish aggression with all firmness and to put an end to all Turkish interventions. The Syrian Republic will preserve Syria’s unity and territorial integrity, and that this aggression is doomed to failure, especially with regards to the revival and rescue of the collapsing terrorist groups.

The source added that based on Syria’s keenness of the security and stability in the region and around the world, it calls upon the international community to condemn the Turkish aggression, which constitutes a blatant violation of international law, and to put an end to the acts of Erdogan’s regime and the danger its spread in the region and the world. The source highlighted the transferring of terrorists to Libya and using the suffering of the Syrians to blackmail the European states by allowing waves of the displaced to head for Europe, which constitutes a serious threat to international security, peace and stability.


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