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Following Daraa, Syria’s Suweida Witnesses Clashes

As the situation in Daraa seems to be calming down, the neighboring region of Suweida is witnessing clashes, according to North Press.
Suweida Daraa Clashes Syria
Following Daraa, Syria’s Suweida Witnesses Clashes

On Sunday night, southern Syria’s Suweida city witnessed armed clashes between the Ghayara al-Qurayya group and armed individuals affiliated with the Damascus government.

The mutual shelling took place after the armed individuals kidnapped young men from the city of Suwayda, a member of Ghayara al-Qurayya told North Press.

They also attacked a farm west of Suweida and a place for car repairing east of the city and they explode them killing the young man Ihsan al-Abdullah and wounding a member of Ghayara al-Qurayya, he added.

“Violations and practices committed by armed individuals affiliated with the government have exceeded the red lines in front of and with the support of Syrian military security,” residents of Suweida say.

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So far, Suweida has been witnessing security tension, “groups of the government army that are stationed in the western countryside of Suweida blocked the route linking between the western villages of the region,” a military source told North Press.

Meanwhile, observers believe that this step is an attempt by the government forces to break into the city of Suweida after they have broken into Daraa.

On Wednesday, Syrian government forces entered the besieged neighborhoods in the city of Daraa, south Syria, following the government siege for more than two months.


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