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FM Muallem Criticizes Turkey’s ‘Harmful’ Syria Policy

Turkish delegation called upon to uphold ties between two countries for purposes of peace while meeting with Syria's FM in Damascus
FM Muallem Criticizes Turkey’s ‘Harmful’ Syria Policy

Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has criticized Turkey’s position towards Syria, claiming that it runs counter to the interests of the Syrian and Turkish people.

During his meeting with a Turkish delegation headed by Secretary-General of the Land Party (VP) Dogu Perincek, Muallem stressed the deep-rooted relations between Syria and Turkey.

But, Muallem said, the Turkish government has misread the political situation in the region, leading it to adopt stances that have harmed the interests of the people of both nations.

He called upon the delegation to uphold the profound ties and interests connecting Syria and Turkey to bring peace and security to the Middle East and the world, warning of the danger of the terrorism that threatens the stability of the region.

The head of the Turkish delegation stressed the solidarity of the Turkish people with the Syrians in confronting terrorism, clarifying that President Erdogan’s policies were responsible for emboldened terrorists who devastate the region at the bidding of the US and Israel.

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