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Financial Support To Ease Pressure on Interim Govt

New promises of funding to give Syrian Interim Government financial security
Financial Support To Ease Pressure on Interim Govt

Head of the Syrian Interim Government, Ahmad Tohmeh, confirmed the government's financial crisis will end soon, referring to promises of support during the current month.


In a statement to Madar al-Youm, Tohmeh said the international community has not provided what is needed to support Syrians, nor do they provide support to the operational budget of the Syrian Interim Government, placing the administration in a difficult situation.


However, Tohmeh stressed his optimism that the financial crisis will end in the near future, following promises from Arab countries to provide solid support in the current month.


As for the renewal of passports, Tohmeh said the Syrian Interim Government or the Coalition cannot renew passports, as the organizations are not legally recognized by the United Nations, despite gaining political recognition from 114 countries.


Tohmeh stated that both the Coalition and the government are making great strides with other countries to find solutions, in reference to an application submitted to Human Rights Council allowing the government to grant passports to Syrian citizens.


In cooperation with the Coalition's embassy in Qatar, Tohmeh said the interim government addressed letters to 52 countries requesting their opinion on the renewal of existing passports with the addition of renewal patches. The government is currently awaiting a response.


Tohmeh explained the interim government had not appointed a foreign minister, as the Coalition is directly responsible for matters of foreign affairs.
Tohmeh pointed out that the government will not accept any negotiations which may undermine the demands of the Syrian Revolution, especially the departure of Bashar al-Assad.


Tohmeh also pointed to the lack of seriousness in current initiatives such as the Moscow 1 talks, stressing that the regime will not negotiate unless forced by a significant military power shift.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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