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Female Shabbiha Kidnap Students From Damascus University

The women behind the operation were all graduates of a Baath Party training program
Female Shabbiha Kidnap Students From Damascus University


All4syria has learned that five female students from the Dsamascus Universirty Mazzeh dormitory were kidnapped by older elderly female loyalist Shabbiha ("thugs"), who run the dormitory units of girls.


Following an investigation, All4Syria has learned the identity of the woman behind the operation. Her name is Mayyada Mohammad, also known as Umm Ali.


Umm Ali is responsible for kidnapping the girls or arresting them inside the university campus, then selling them on to the People's National Defense Committees or the secret security branches or Air Force Intelligence members who stay in the campus and linger at the restaurants inside it.


A group of women help Umm Ali, particularly the administrator Batool Badr, who makes the arrests on regional and sectarian bases.


All4Syria has also learned that the female Shabbihas active in the dormitory are the last graduates from Baath Battalions preparation programthat completed training courses in Dimas.


The courses fed them with sectarian hatred and were held under the direct patronage of a member in the National Leadership of Baath Party and the president of the National Union of Syrian Students, Ammar Saati, as well as the Deputy National Secretary of Baath Party Hilal Hilal.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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