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Female Motorbike Taxi Drivers in Damascus: 4,000 Syrian Pounds per Half Kilometer

Due to the crisis, women in Syria work in professions that were once exclusive to men, according to Athr Press.
Female Motorbike Taxi Drivers in Damascus: 4,000 Syrian Pounds per Half Kilometer

It is no longer surprising that, in this difficult economic situation, women work in professions that were once exclusive to men. Nor is it surprising that women take on male roles to work as delivery drivers.

The delivery fare is 4,000 Syrian from the main bridge stop to the end of Al-Thawra Street. Passengers must pay 4,000 Syrian pounds per half a kilometre travelled by motorbike, and the greater the distance, the higher the price. The passenger sits behind the driver on the motorbike, which can only accommodate one passenger with a small child. This phenomenon has become normal these days. As many struggle to find a seat on public transport, motorbikes and bicycles turned into a delivery service.

Ayham, a university student who owns a motorbike, tries to capitalize on his vehicle by delivering passengers to meet his expenses, as he explained to Athr Press.

Regarding his customers, Ayham said: “They are usually males. Most of them are forced to use my motorbike because, even though they prefer to take a service taxi, after waiting for a long time, they come back and ask me for a ride. Nowadays, getting a means of transportation has become a dream for many.”

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Regarding the motorbike’s repairs and maintenance, Ayham told Athr Press: “I try as much as possible to take care of the motorbike weekly, checking the parts carefully, changing the oil, and calibrating the tires.”

Asked if he was thinking of leaving the trade, he replied: “Currently, I do not think I will. But when I graduate from university, I will look for a job that suits my university degree. At that point, I will not need to work in these kinds of jobs.” Ayham stressed that there is no shame in working to earn a living as long as a person works with dignity.

Hadeel, who works in the same job as a motorbike taxi driver while completing her studies, told Athr Press: “At first, I learned to drive a motorbike because it was a dream for me. My colleagues at university, both male and female, encouraged me to work by delivering passengers. I saw it as a good idea to earn some money. My financial needs have become large: a university student needs about 15,000 Syrian pounds per day for transportation — not to mention tuition and any other incidental costs.”

“My clients are all female. I don’t have to drop off any guy who, while sitting behind me, could harass me. And if no women are looking for a ride, I only drop off men aged over 78 years old.”

She continued to Athr Press: “I take 5,000 Syrian pounds per person for each ride; if the destination is close by, I only charge 2,000 Syrian pounds. And if a woman wants a ride and she has a young child, I charge her 7,500 Syrian pounds for both passengers.”

Regarding her daily work, she said: “I get about 25,000 or 30,000 liras daily,” noting that this amount goes about 7,000 liras for maintenance and repair of the motor per week, as she does not go to distant places she does not know.

Hadeel concluded her interview by indicating that 75 percent of her requests are in the city center and farther from the White Bridge. She indicated that the White Bridge is considered a distant place, explaining that she lives in that area. When she receives a request to go there, she does not return to work, instead continuing home.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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