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Fears of Typhus Spread in Damascus

Long-standing water cuts are contributing to the spread
Fears of Typhus Spread in Damascus

The health of Syrians in Damascus is being seriously threatened due to a long-standing water cut.


The Syrian Media Organization reported that long periods of water cuts was causing the spread of diseases, especially infectious diseases due to lack of hygiene and personal cleanliess.


The organization reported that a lady was shocked from the severity of the condition of head lice her daughter suffered, which was difficult to get rid of despite using anti-lice shampoo and creams.


"My daughter caught lice from school, which spread quickly all over her head because of lack of water and as we could not see it for more than three hours a week. The lice started to cause infections to her scalp which affected her nerves and other organs," Natalie, her mother said.


The doctor who treated the case expressed her surprise at the severity of the condition, advising the family to seek treatment abroad.


The mother said dozens of children suffer from similar symptoms, which threaten a medical and humanitarian crisis among children.


Epidemic typhus is an infectious disease caused by bacterium Rickettsia prowazekii and transmitted from person-to-person by body lice. It is also called camp fever, jail fever, and war fever –  names that suggest overcrowding, under-washing, and low standards of living, which are the living conditions most of Syrians are experiencing.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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