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Fayez Sara: Any Transitional Authority Must Control the Military and Security Institutions

Sarah denies western efforts to exclude the National Council from Geneva II
Fayez Sara: Any Transitional Authority Must Control the Military and Security Institutions

The political and media adviser to the President of the National Coalition denied that the coalition has postponed the meetings scheduled for this week due to disagreements on the position towards Geneva Conference 2, and stressed that the coalition would reject any transitional authority without full powers to ensure the full subordination of military and security institutions.


Fayez Sara told the Italian news agency AKI that "the postponement of the meeting of the coalition isn’t related to disagreements about Geneva 2, as disagreements existed and were shown in the positions of some of its members and blocks, such as the National Council. It is known that the final decision of the coalition about the conference will be decided by the General Commission which will meet at the beginning of the month. The meeting was delayed for reasons including keeping up with the regional and international positions related to Geneva 2, their contents and the circumstances under which it takes place," Sara described.


Sarah denied that the speech of British Foreign Minister William Hague about the "moderate Coalition" is an introduction to the exclusion of the National Council from Geneva, "The words of the British minister about the coalition and moderation does not mean that the National Council is extreme, at least for us, weconsider the National Council as part of the Coalition, and not a formation on the opposite side. Representatives of the National Council in the coalition will discuss with the rest of the members the attitude toward Geneva 2, taking together the final decision of the coalition, and we are betting on the survival and unity of the coalition as a single force in the face of the difficult phase that surrounds the Syrian people's revolution", Sara said.


"the coalition stresses on the terms of Geneva 1 as explained by coalition's chairman in his last press conference held in London, this matter is out of question, Geneva 2 is mainly based on the contents of Geneva 1, and there are international assurances related to this", Sara added.


Sarah reiterated that "the coalition will not accept the formation of a transitional government or ruling body without full powers, especially in terms of its powers and full authority over the military and security institutions and all organs of the two". "The regime in Syria is a military and security one with full power over other institutions. Any government will not be able to work without controlling the military and security forces. According to the contents of Geneva 1, the transitional authority should have full powers."


Translated by The Syrian Observer


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