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Expediting the Trial of Louay Hussein

Judge confirms legality of Hussein verdict after case assessment
Expediting the Trial of Louay Hussein

The Third Assignment Judge, Fouad Alloush, verified on January 25, 2015, decision No. 20, dated 19 January 2015, by the First Interrogation Judge in Damascus, Ziad Idriss, which included:


1 – Assigning the case to the Assignment Judge in Damascus to consider the accusations against the defendant Louay Hussein; namely, calls that may weaken nationalism and spreading false news that may debilitate the morale of the nation.


The defendant is to be tried before the Damascus Criminal Court.


2 – Sending the papers to the public prosecutor in Damascus to check the status of the defendant, currently detained in Damascus Central Prison.


The Assignment Judge decided that the verdict of the First Interrogation Judge is legal and in conformity with the rules of justice. Accordingly, he decided to charge Louay Hussein with the two previously mentioned charges, and that the trial should take place before the Damascus Criminal Court. The Assignment Judge assessed the case within less than a week, revealing the intentions of the Syrian regime.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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